Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay Service My Car to book a service?

No! You do not need to pay Service My Car anything to book a service. We have cut out the middle man, so you can contact your local mechanic directly!

How can I get a quote for repairs, inspections and other jobs?

You can contact any of the workshops on Find My Mechanic directly! The mechanic details page lists additional services they do (eg, air conditioning, wheel alignment, brakes, inspections etc). Contacting your local mechanic is easy - either call them on the number listed or send an enquiry using the form on the mechanic details page. They will reply to you directly - Let them know you saw them on Service My Car!

Why can't I find my car?

We only cover distance (km) or time (month) based services. BMW and Mercedes after 1985 may be condition based services which we do not cover- to get a service estimate for them, contact a workshop directly on Find My Mechanic.

Our Car Index is constantly expanding to include all other cars. If you would like a Logbook Service Guide and do not see your car, please contact us and we will see if our techs are currently working on it.

I’m not sure the exact variant for my car… what can I do?

To ensure our data is as accurate as possible, you need to know the exact car model variant. If you are not sure, it is easy to find out! Just find the bar at the top that says “Find my car details by Rego No” and then click on the state your car is registered in. This links you to the government registration check page. Enter your car Plate Number and it will tell you the car details.