Car Maintenance Cost Comparison Guide

Use the Cost Comparison Guide before buying your next car to compare the Lifetime Service Costs OR any selected range of service intervals.

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Compare Vehicle Lifetime Service Costs:
Select the first service interval and last service interval for the total service cost.
Compare Vehicle Range of Service Intervals:
Select the next service interval due for each car. Then select the same range of services you want to compare for all cars. (Eg. comparing cost of servicing for the next 100,000km - Car 1 range: 30,000km - 130,000km, Car 2 range: 50,000km - 150,000km).

Cars are saved in your account so you can make unlimited changes to comparisons.

Compare Car Service Costs

Before buying a new or used car, you can compare the life time service costs across multiple cars. Find a car that fits your budget.

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Select Multiple Cars saved in your account

Save 4 cars to your online account with every Cost Comparison Guide purchase. Select saved cars from your account to do a side by side comparison. 

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UNLIMITED - Compare any Range

Make unlimited interval range changes for cars saved in your account. Choose to compare vehicle service costs by:

Lifetime Service Cost: Compare the total cost of all service intervals. This is useful when buying a new car.

Range of Service Cost: Select the range of service intervals to compare. This is useful when buying a used car. For example, you can compare the total cost over the next 5 years for different used cars based on which services are due.

Exclusive to Service My Car

Service My Car is the only website where you can compare the Lifetime Service Cost or Selected Range of Service Cost across different cars!