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Compare Vehicle Lifetime Service Costs:

Select the first and last service interval for the total service cost.

Compare Vehicle Range of Service Intervals:

Select the same range of services you want to compare for all cars.
Eg. The next 100,00km
Car 1: 30,000km - 130,000km
Car 2: 50,000km - 150,000km

Compare Individual Service Intervals:

Select the next service interval due for each car.

Cars are saved in your account so you can make unlimited changes with the calculator.

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Service My Car is the only website where you can compare the Lifetime Service Cost or range of service costs across different cars.

Whether doing research when buying a new or used car, or simply finding out the future running costs of your existing car, the cost calculator is a handy budgeting tool.

Your Cost Guide Calculator includes:

Every Cost Guide Calculator purchase will give you 2 credits, so you can select 2 cars to save into your account.

You will have access to all service intervals for both cars.


- Select multiple cars from your account to compare side by side

- Make unlimited service interval range changes

- Customisable car servicing comparison

- Compare future car service costs between cars before buying a new or used car

- Cars saved into your online account

- Live pricing mean service costs automatically updated as industry costings change

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the car service cost estimates based on?

The Cost Guide Calculator give you a car service cost estimate which is generated using costings from real mechanics nationwide.

The car service cost comparison estimate is based on manufacturer's logbook servicing and includes labour and parts. Any additional work or maintenance outside of the logbook service are not covered in the guide. Actual cost will vary between service centres and locations.

Fair Use Policy applies. For personal use only. It does not constitute technical advice or replace advice from your mechanic. Strictly not for commercial use. See Service My Car T&Cs for full details.

How many intervals should I select for a car servicing comparison for?

If you are buying a new car, we recommend looking at the Lifetime Service Costs to get a general idea. People usually keep a car for 5 years or more, so when buying a used car we suggest you select the service intervals for the next 5 years based on the current KMs of each specific car are looking at.

What is the difference between the Service Cost Guide and Cost Guide Calculator?

The Service Cost Guide will give you an estimate cost range for 1 service interval. It is free, however you are limited to how many times you can use it per year.

The Cost Guide Calculator gives you full access to all service intervals for your car. It provides a cost estimate based on the average prices across Australia. You are able to use the calculator to make unlimited comparisons and it allows you to compare multiple cars at the same time. You can also compare costs in multiple ways. Whether you want to find out the cost of your next service, or when researching which car to buy next, the Cost Guide Calculator is a great budgeting tool. Cars saved into your account never expire.

Prices are live and change as industry prices change so check back as often as you like.

I would like a Cost Guide Calculator for my car, but I can’t find it…

Our Live Database is constantly expanding. Please browse the Car Index to check if your car is available.

How do I find out what each car service includes?

To get a Task Breakdown for each service interval for your car, get a Logbook Service Guide for your car.