Logbook Service Guide

Includes Task Breakdown for every service interval.

What happens if I dont service my car

Get a digital Logbook Service Guide - complete service schedule for your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided by Service My Car is intended for personal reference only. Service My Car does not guarantee its accuracy or suitability of the information provided nor the outcome of its application. It does not constitute or replace technical advice from your mechanic. Please refer to T&Cs for full details

Car Logbook Service Guide

Lost your car handbook, vehicle maintenance log or looking for car repair manuals?

A logbook service is more than just an oil change! Scheduled checks and adjustments vary between different service intervals.

Now you can get a digital vehicle maintenance schedule for your car. Find out when and what items need attention with this full car service schedule.

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Your Logbook Service Guide includes:

The Logbook Service Guide includes a complete schedule plus the task breakdown for every service interval for your car (typically up to 200,00km). Select any service interval from your online account to see the item breakdown.


- Easy to read digital format

- Saved to your account so you will never lose it!

- View from online account, download PDF or print out

- Look up schedule by either Time (Months) or Distance (KMs)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of keeping your car service up to date?

Keep yourself, your family and everyone on the road safe.

Make sure that your car servicing is up to date and avoid small issues from becoming big (and expensive) issues. Benefits include:

- Peace of mind

- Optimal car performance

- Increased fuel efficiency

- Reduced emissions

- Lower running costs

- Higher resale value

- Prolong the life of your car

What could happen if you don’t service your car?

The results of not keeping your car service up to date can be very dangerous and even critical. These include:

- Sudden engine failure

- Engine overheat

- Oil blockages

- Poor fuel economy

- Poor vehicle handling

- Excessive wear and tear

- Increased risk of accidents

- Compromised emergency response

I would like a Logbook Service Guide but can’t find my car…

Our Live Database is constantly expanding. Please browse the Car Index to check if your car is available.

What is the car maintenance information based on?

The Logbook Service Guide is based on manufacturer's guidelines for the Australian market. This is the same data used by mechanics nationwide.

Powered by Boyce's AutoLibrary - providing the Australian automotive industry with vehicle technical information.

Should I check for the next service interval by time or distance?

You should check for the next interval based on which comes first. For example, someone who drives the car more frequently may reach the next service interval sooner. In this case they will check the “Distance” column.

What happens if I don’t get my car serviced when its due?

It is important to get your car servicing up to date for your safety, passengers, and other people on the road. Keep your car running at optimal performance and prevent small issues becoming bigger, more expensive issues later. It’s also a good idea so you can provide a logbook service history if you plan to sell your car one day

Should I service my own car?

Common DIY practices can actually be very dangerous – resulting in serious injury or even death. Watch the DIY Car Safety video by the ACCC here.

We have a large network of qualified mechanics and make it easy for you to connect directly to your local workshop or mobile mechanic to get your next car service done. You can call, visit or send an online inquiry to ask a question or request a free quote. Find your local mechanic here.

The Logbook Service Guide is for personal use only. It does not constitute technical advice or replace advice from your mechanic. Strictly not for commercial use. See T&Cs for full details.

How do I find a mechanic near me? Can I get a free quote?

We have a large directory of mechanics across Australia. Click here and pop in your postcode to see your local service centre. Find their number and give them a call or you can send them an online request for quotes or to ask a question.