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Service My Car was designed to help car owners know how much it cost to get a car service, and to compare car service costs before buying another car. Car owners will find the car Service Cost Guide useful –save time calling around to get an estimate. The price range shown on here gives them a good ballpark pricing, which they can show to any of the local mechanic found on Service My Car.

Service My Car provides instant car service costs, car service cost comparisons and full car service schedules to car owners. Connect directly to your local mechanic.

Find out how much your next car service will cost!

Instant Car Service Cost Guides:
The quickest and easiest way to find out how much your next car service will cost.
Transparent Prices:
Service My Car is part of a large automotive network that takes NO COMMISSION for work done by mechanics on our directory. Our mechanics can pass on fair pricing to you!
Exclusive New Car Service Comparison Guide:
A research tool to compare lifetime car service costs before buying your next car – you could save $$$
Connect Directly:
Choose how you want to contact your local mechanic – phone or send a direct message from our website. It’s quick and easy to do! Looking for a mechanic near me? We work with the best mechanics in Australia!
Accurate Data:
Powered by Australia’s leading automotive data provider since 1962. We are the experts in car service research and information. Car data made for the Australian automotive market. Be confident that the data you get here is used by your local mechanic in our directory.
FREE Tyre Size tool:
Find out your car tyre size instantly, and conveniently find a supplier to buy new tyres.

Know exactly what to expect…

Service My Car is a one stop online hub that will help you make smarter choices as a car owner. You could save time and money!

Avoid cost shock! It is easy to check the cost for your next car service - calculated from the same data system used by mechanics Australia wide. The car service cost guide cleverly takes into account that mechanics have their own hourly labour rates, so now you can get an accurate and realistic cost estimate range.

Each car Service Cost Guide includes a task breakdown for the selected car service interval. Take the mystery out of what’s happening under the bonnet! Keep your car in tip top shape, and avoid running into costly issues later.

Thinking of buying a new car or wondering if its cost effective to upgrade? Use our car Cost Comparison Guide – a car service comparison guide calculator exclusive to Service My Car! The calculator is hassle free and completely customisable so you can find out the car service costs from any km or month the car currently has. This is especially useful if you are comparing it to other used cars. Whether you want to compare car service costs for the next 12m or 36m, the calculator allows unlimited changes to the selected range. Specific to your individual car and completely customisable to your car service intervals.

Never lose or misplace a handbook again! Or need a complete logbook servicing guide? Get a digital Logbook Service Guide – includes task breakdown for all car services for the selected car. Saved into your account so you can access it anytime, anywhere! In an easy to read and understand, printable format for easy logbook servicing.

…then connect directly to your local mechanic.

Find your local mechanic on our comprehensive online directory. Service My Car is not a middleman! We connect you directly with the mechanic – you can even send them an instant message conveniently from our website!

Service my car does not take any commission for mechanics work, and it does not force mechanics to bid for work. We believe this will allow mechanics on our directory to pass on fair prices to their customers.

But wait there is more…

Looking for more information? We have you covered! Service My Car has a great range of FREE resources that lets you: find your car tyre size and find a supplier to buy new car tyres, get the latest car related news and recalls, print off additional technical information relating to popular car repairs and more!

Did you say FREE?

Yes! Sign up now for a FREE account. Then add the car Service Cost Guide and get 2 FREE instant car Service Cost Guide credits so you can choose any car and any interval (mix and match up to 4 guides). Includes FREE task breakdown for selected car service interval.