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When do I need to get a logbook service for my Land Rover vehicle?

It is important to keep your Land Rover car servicing up to date for your safety, your passengers and others on the road. It will also mean your car is running at optimal performance and gives you the best chance of fixing a small problem before it becomes a bigger and more expensive repair.

Get a Land Rover Logbook Service Guide, for an easy to read maintenance schedule. It will be saved in your online account so you will never lose it – just view online or print out the PDF when you need it.

The Land Rover Logbook Service Guide (including task breakdowns) will cover all the service intervals for your selected model. Service intervals may vary across different Land Rover models but these are two schedules you may find:

Service Interval Schedule 1:

10,000km (6 months)
20,000km (12 months)
30,000km (18 months)
40,000km (24 months)
50,000km (30 months)

60,000km (36 months)
70,000km (42 months)
80,000km (48 months)
90,000km (54 months)
100,000km (60 months)

110,000km (66 months)
120,000km (72 months)
130,000km (78 months)
140,000km (84 months)
150,000km (90 months)

160,000km (96 months)
170,000km (102 months)
180,000km (108 months)
190,000km (114 months)
200,000km (120 months)

Service Interval Schedule 2:

15,000km (12 months)
30,000km (24 months)
45,000km (36 months)
60,000km (48 months)

75,000km (60 months)
90,000km (72 months)
105,000km (84 months)
120,000km (96 months)

135,000km (108 months)
150,000km (120 months)
165,000km (132 months)
180,000km (144 months)

195,000km (156 months)
210,000km (168 months)

Land Rover Car Servicing by the Best Mechanics

Keep your Land Rover car servicing up to date to stay safe on the roads.

Get a Land Rover Service Cost Guide for a free car service price estimate. This can be for a range of Land Rover vehicles including popular models such as the Land Rover Discovery and Land Rover Freelander. You can find out when the next logbook service is due and budget for maintenance costs.

Get UNLIMITED cost estimates for all service intervals for your Land Rover with a Cost Guide Calculator. Compare the car maintenance cost for 1 or over a range of service intervals and across multiple car makes and models, including any of our Land Rover models above saved in your account. The Land Rover Cost Guide Calculator is exclusive to Service My Car!

For an in depth car maintenance schedule, get a Land Rover Logbook Service Guide. It includes task breakdowns for every car service interval. This vehicle maintenance log book tells you when and what items need attention. You can download your Land Rover vehicle maintenance schedule as a PDF or log in and view it from your Service My Car account.

On Service My Car you can request a car service quote or car repair quote directly from one of our Land Rover mechanics or Land Rover mobile mechanics.

Land Rover Fast Facts

  1. Land Rover is a British luxury SUV manufacturer that was founded in 1948 and is now owned by Indian automotive company Tata Motors.

  2. Land Rover's Australian operations began in 1949, with the first vehicles being imported for use in agriculture and mining.

  3. Land Rover's range in Australia includes the Defender, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, and Range Rover Evoque.

  4. Land Rover has a strong reputation for off-road capabilities, with many of its vehicles featuring advanced four-wheel drive systems and terrain response technology.

  5. Land Rover vehicles have won numerous awards, including the 2021 Drive Car of the Year award for the Defender.

  6. Land Rover has a strong presence in Australia, with over 50 dealerships nationwide.

  7. Land Rover offers a range of services in Australia, including new and used vehicle sales, servicing, and genuine parts and accessories.

  8. Land Rover has a commitment to sustainability, with a goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2039 and implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations.

  9. Land Rover has a history of collaboration with Australian organizations, such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, for whom they have built special vehicles to aid in remote medical services.

  10. Land Rover has a strong community of enthusiasts in Australia, with numerous clubs and events dedicated to the brand and its vehicles.

    Disclaimer: Always seek advice from a qualified mechanic.

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